Watermarked eBook FAQ

What is a watermark?

When you order a watermarked eBook we create a personalized copy of the file, with your name applied visibly but discreetly on the document, plus an invisible identifier. These are known aswatermarksand associate the file to you, the purchasing customer. The visible watermark does not obscure page content (click to view a sample screenshot). And don't worry, we've made sure these identifiers contain absolutely no other personal information about you.

No passwords. No hoops to jump through. Just the content.

How soon after purchase will my file be available?

When you place your order, we immediately begin processing your file to personalize it. This process takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

How do I download my file?

After purchase, your file will be accessible from your Account page, under the "Digital Purchases" section. You must belogged into access your Account page.

Read oureBook Download Instructionsto learn how to get your eBook onto your favorite device.

How long will my file be available on my Account page?

Almost forever. Your watermarked file will be available via your Account page for 7 days after the date of purchase. After 7 days the file will "expire," but with one click you canregenerateyour file.

Files expire so we do not have to store every file ever purchased—our garage is only so big. The expiration and regeneration model allows us to keep things nice and tidy while still making sure you always have access to your digital products.

One exception to the rule is that if a product ever goes out of print, we are obligated (by contract) to stop vending it. So in those cases you will not be able to refresh your file.

How long does the regeneration process take?

File regeneration generally takes less than one minute. After clicking "Get a new file" you will see a status indicator, and links will be active again when the process is complete.

What are the file restrictions?

For eBooks: You can make copies for your own personal use on up to 6 devices.

For Software Downloads: You can make copies for your own personal use on up to 4 devices.

Sharing: File sharing is prohibited. You may not give your files to other people or put the files on servers where others can read or access this content.

Note for corporate customers:eBooks are only available for personal use and/or by a single employee. To purchase multiple voucher codes that can be distributed to employees, please contact our Corporate Sales department atcorpsales@pearsoned.com.

You may not edit the files, but you may view or print them for personal use as you see fit.

What is your update policy?

Files are updated if there are changes and/or corrections. If your file has expired, regenerating it ensures you'll be getting the most up-to-date version of the file.

About Our Watermarked Products

We heard from customers that you want to read eBooks and other online content that does not have DRM applied. We want to bring you our high quality content and serve it to you in the easiest, most convenient way possible. We plan to continue to expand our watermarked offerings.

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